scandinavianflagmapSławomir Malicki TS Company is an independent firm operating in the Transportation – Shipping – Logistics branch of industry. Our predominant tasks incorporate LCL and FCL transportation of goods to Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Thanks to the convenient localization of warehouses in Poland and Germany, we are able to collect goods from virtually every area situated within the borders of the said countries.

Moreover, we can also help our customers to quickly and effectively ship goods to Sweden (or to any other Scandinavian country). The contracted team of experts realizes the orders in a comprehensive manner, starting from goods loading, right to the delivery to the collection spot. Thanks to our perennial experience and the utilization of best practices in the industry, it is possible to both nullify the shipping-related risk and decrease transportation costs.

Our offer

The mode of operation of our company is simple yet reliable. The goods to be transported are loaded on our state-of-the-art vehicles which deliver them to one of the managed terminals. The commodities entrusted to us are stored in our warehouses. Afterwards, LCL transportation methods are utilized to deliver the items in question to a ferry on the very same day. The aforementioned techniques are cyclical in character and thanks to that – we are able to deliver goods to certain customers on everyday basis. There is also the possibility to specify the delivery date and take advantage of our competitive price list.


  • LCL goods delivered from/to Scandinavia within 1-3 days – unbeatable record in the industry!
  • Goods safety
  • Reach your Scandinavian contractors all year round!
  • Punctuality and precision of service realization – Express and Just in time services available
  • Collections/deliveries realized almost every day (except Sundays and holidays)
  • Meticulous shipment monitoring and delivery-related notification
  • Constant communication (complex GPS/GPRS monitoring)
  • Modernized and multipurpose car fleet prepared for instant order realization
  • Wide scope of available vehicles – load up to 3,5T, 12T, 18T, 26T, 40T, Multiwall, Multiblock, and cars with a 1T self-unloading lift
  • Non-standard goods delivery possible (industrial pallets, logs, non-palletized commodities)
  • Professional drivers able to communicate in English and familiarized with Scandinavian routes
  • Transshipment warehouse


Our company is in possession of a wide range of vehicles which can be – thanks to our vast experience – adjusted to the needs of our customers. Therefore, we are one of the most reliable and pricewise attractive logistics operators on the market. We are also honored to indicate that our personnel treats every single client in an individual manner. That is why the provided services are notably different from those offered by big enterprises. Direct contact and care about service quality has been awarded with the loyalty of clients who have been taking advantage of our services for a number of consecutive years.

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